Are We There Yet? is a fast-paced television show following four friends crossing the globe in search of the people and places rising to power.

Undoubtedly, the 20th century belonged to America. But just as surely, the 21st century may not. Nations across the globe are out-pacing the United States in business, politics, and industry.

Weary of recession, scandal, and deadlocked politics-as-usual in America, we’re four friends from Charlotte, NC, who are searching for something greater.

Episode 1 goes down in Turkey.

And we’re not going to Europe, Japan, or Australia.

We’ve purposely left the beaten path, instead opting to visit places like Turkey, Nigeria, and Malaysia, to discover what makes those nations and people successful and compelling.

Currently filming a pilot episode in Turkey, we’ll explore soon-to-be elite nations, discover what Americans can learn from innovation abroad, and examine our own happiness and meaning in the process.

Bound by our close friendship, we try to make sense of how young people are fitting into a global society, making purpose in life, and finding happiness in jobs and relationships – anywhere in the world.