NOTE: After filming in Turkey in June and July 2012, episode one is currently in post-production. Look for a release date in October 2012.

Turkey is an emerging global power, boosted by a strong economy, democracy, and innovative citizens. Not only is it the crossroads between Europe and Asia, Turkey’s economic, political, and cultural achievements make it a nation soon to be elite.

Crossroads of the World: Turkey is the pilot television episode of Are We There Yet?. The show explores Turkey’s success, and what that success means for the rest of the world.

We’re four friends, trying to tell the story of Turkey’s ascension on the global stage. While there, we’ll be interviewing Turkish leaders, covering unique aspects of Turkey’s success, and documenting how Turkish people are innovating in business, culture, and politics.

There’s more to this story, though.

Along the way, we hope to discover ourselves. Bound by our friendship, we’ll try to make sense of how young people in Turkey are fitting into a global society, making purpose in life, and finding happiness in careers, relationships, and life – anywhere in the world.