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We’re Back!

We’re back!

The fun stuff happens now – post-production. We got more than 60 hours of footage to sift through – interviews, on the street, b-roll, and amazing views.

We’ll keep posting content on the website over the next few months, including snippets of interviews with journalists, politicians, and Turkish cultural leaders – and a whole lot more.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime, it feels great to be back home in North Carolina!


A hijab is a veil which covers women’s hair, and sometimes face (as you can see in this video), worn by Muslim women typically in front of non-related adult men.

It is fascinating to walk through Turkey and see the different colors, styles, and coverage areas of hijabs across the nation, including the video here of a woman completely covered, head to toe, in a black hijab – so much so, that she would only eat by slowly opening the bottom of it.

Even more fascinating when you note that the young women she was eating with were uncovered and looked like young American women.

Brings up a fascinating look into women’s daily life and women’s rights in Turkey and the Muslim world.

Late Night Over The Bosphorus

Nearly 1:00 am on a week night, and the Bosphorus is absolutely jam packed with traffic heading from Asia to Europe. There’s nowhere near this much traffic in Charlotte during rush hour.

Construction, cars, and chaos – typical Istanbul, from our experience!

Welcome to Konya!

For the first time on the trip, I’ve felt like I’m in the middle East.

Konya is very different from the rest of what we’ve seen so far in Turkey – much more conservative. Here’s a look…

Bobby’s ATV Diary Cam

We had so much fun on this expedition, riding through the Turkish country side.

Our guide barely spoke English, drove like a complete mad man, and had us going up and down inclines we didn’t think were possible – and it was worth every second!

More video after the break!
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